the better blue clutch

the better blue clutch


The name ‘The Better Blue’ is inspired by the idea that the pre-loved materials, with their characteristics varying from being thinly stretched, holes, or falling apart, brings out something that is impossible to be made in a factory. The stripe design intertwines the versatile textures of different worn-in denim fabrics. Thus, this product emphasizes on the fact that materials have a history, and now a new future which not only is better for the environment but also a revamped preservation of memories.


Vintage denim make it defferent


The Better Blue series consists of upcycled denim bags and accessories, portraying sustainable fashion that displays pre-loved materials and textures to be loved once more in a new form.

Our customers are able to obtain a hands-on experience. Their donations of various used denim items become the main components of the finished product. From bleached white to charcoal blue, these donations are put into miscellaneous uses.

Blue becomes green. Denim, the article of clothing majority of us have, and many have too much of, doesn’t go to waste and becomes reformed to something new leaving zero waste.